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H e a d b o a r d

I remember when I was a kid I used to love dinosaurs and Space. I even had my favorite kinds, and they are herbivores. 
I used to role-play with my little sis too. Not family or school, I liked scenes of being in battlefield sharing a piece of bread, looking for water on a horse which was a heater with wheels pulled by her while I rode ( of course I was a bully ! )

Two decades later, staring at the ground of the camion (truck) that sent me westward to the end of this discovery;
squeezing  between two drivers baked in cheap cigarettes and gasoline;
chasing Stars in dust before falling asleep…

Thinking how parts of life connect, I don't see the connection, no anchor

At any point of it, could there be a split, and from that moment, another begins

along a tangent

                                                                                   (Before I forget)

Old Ford

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