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  It's my 13th late morning in New York City. Same outfit all the way (Audrey does laundry). Just checked into my 8th place and chilling at a cafe across it.

  Crown Heights, Upper West, Midtown, Flushing, Sumner Houses, Jackson Heights, Bushwick.

  A guy said he would pull out his gun and dick while his pals made sure I got in my apartment safely. Throwing stuff out of the window. Best Easter Celebration. Unwanted guys. Real Chinatown. Cozy Homey. Spanish exclusive streets. A pair of high and drunk.

  All included in a package of not planning for tomorrow and booking the most economic option of a bed and shower last minute in New York City every other day.

  I don't love this or hate this. It's a different lifestyle than I used to have. Talk about routine.

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