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  First night surprise is my fate. I'm blessed to have all these angels from the airport in Havana to Camagüey.

  The moment I knew about camiones, which means trucks and is what most Cubans use to commute among cities and towns costing 10 times cheper than buses with spontaneous schedules, I forbid myself spending any peso on bus or taxi. 

  This is a mini campfire built during the breakdown of our camion from Havana to Camaguey. Hours of laidback waiting, jokes I didn't get, police assist, two Astro buses and one camion.

  After fifteen hours of commuting, including a few hours of delay, I arrived in Camaguey with more music options on my Mac, a homestay offer and memory of a starry bumpy chilly ride. 

  My deepest Gratitude to this funny surprise.

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