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Talk To Strangers

  She asked if I needed help when I was strolling down to Malecón. She invited me to her place where she works as a brewer. Can't say no to Cuban hospitality.

  First thing I saw was a couple of sponge mattresses on ground piled up with toys. She pointed to the barrel and explained her job a bit which I wish I understood better, my Spanish....

  I followed the dog and her son to the back of the place just to see trash covered with flies where the fourth son hung around. I did my best to smile away my speechless awkwardness. I hoped it passed unnoticedly with her kids going crazy about my camera, making selfies.
  No, she did not hint or ask me for anything but said I was welcome to come for a coffee anytime.


  I walked out that door with helplessness and guilt, wondering why the nature shows me this.
  And I never went back.

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